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A newsletter to inspire you…

April 5, 2017

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Tailored to a ‘T'(ZD)

Like so many designers, I have a passion for beautiful, high-quality fabrics (and any expertly crafted goodies like pillows, draperies, and upholstered pieces made from them!). I’ve been thinking recently that I likely got this passion from my grandfather, who was classically trained in Germany and worked his entire adult life as a tailor.

Many of my earliest childhood memories are from his bespoke tailor shop. I distinctly recall how the walls were neatly lined with bolts upon bolts of the finest fabrics and spools of thread in every color imaginable. It was as good as a candy store for this style loving girl!

My grandfather outfitted well-dressed gentlemen for their daily lives, from professional to personal, in that shop. The only women’s clothes he ever created were for my grandmother, and believe me, she was always impeccably turned out. In fact, I’ll never forget her insistence that “dungarees” were only for gardening. Let’s be clear – while I don’t consider my style to be ‘casual’ either, I definitely wear my ‘dungarees’ often – albeit always with some seriously fashionable jewelry and shoes! And, while I love flowers, I am most definitely not a gardener.

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