The following describes the terms and conditions for participation in the Business of Design® Advocate Program. While we consider participants our Advocates, this is an Affiliate Program in its standard form. In this agreement, the term “Affiliate” refers to you and BOD™ refers to Business of Design® and

BOD™ reserves the right to modify any of the terms and conditions within this agreement at any time.

Affiliates are selected and approved by the BOD™ team. You must be an active Member (monthly or annual) of Business of Design® in order to participate.

If you are already an approved BOD™ Advocate and ready to get started, welcome! If you would like to be considered for the BOD™ Advocate Program, please complete the application form and a member of Team BOD™ will review and contact you within 2 business days.

BOD™ Advocate Program | Application Form

Getting Started

Once you have been set up as a BOD™ Advocate, you can access your custom urls and available content by visiting, logging into your existing BOD™ Member account, and scrolling down to the Affiliates link in the footer menu. Or you can bookmark the following page:

You must be logged in to your account to access this page.

Compensation & Payment

BOD™ Advocates will receive a flat fee on select sales as a commission on orders placed through their custom affiliate links. This includes the purchase of monthly membership, annual membership, and digital products (such as contracts and documents). Commissions are paid on initial membership payments only, not renewals. Commissions are not earned on live events such as the BOD™ Elite Retreat, seminars, webinars, or coaching.

The following fee schedule applies:

$25 – Monthly Membership
$100 – Annual Membership
$50 – Digital Products & On-Demand Courses

In order for a sale to generate a commission for a BOD™ Advocate, the referred user must click through the custom affiliate link. Properly coded links are the sole responsibility of the BOD™ Advocate. Team BOD™ is unable to offer technical support.

Incoming traffic from all affiliate links are tracked for 30 days following the initial click through. Purchases made after the 30-day period will not be credited to the referring BOD™ Advocate. You must be an active BOD™ Member (monthly or annual) at the time of the sale.

Commissions will be paid to the BOD™ Advocate within 2 weeks of the sale. The payment will be issued as a credit towards your next membership payment and you will be notified as such credits are applied.

Referrals made by past Business of Design® members still participating in this program will be acknowledged and compensation will be honoured at the discretion of Business of Design®.

Orders Placed

Business of Design® will be solely responsible for processing all orders placed by a user via affiliate links. BOD™ Advocates are not authorized to collect payments or sell any BOD™ products or services from other websites. BOD™ will be responsible for all user service inquires.

Users who purchase products and services through the BOD™ Advocate Program will be considered customers of BOD™. All rules, policies, and operating procedures concerning customer’s orders and service will apply to those customers.

BOD™ Agrees To:

  • Provide the BOD™ Advocate with their custom link for simple posting.
  • Grant the BOD™ Advocate access to the affiliate area on the BOD™ website. Here, the BOD™ Advocate is able to generate custom links to any page on the BOD™ site as needed. The use of additional link is at the BOD™ Advocate’s discretion.
  • Provide the BOD™ Advocate with logo and branded images for posting on web or social media. This content is available through the BOD™ Advocate’s affiliate area.
  • BOD™ reserves the right to request changes to published content posted by the BOD™ Advocate if required. 

Affiliate Agrees To:

  • Be an advocate for Business of Design®, our content, and the design industry.
  • Promote BOD™ by sharing your experience and success as it relates to your involvement with Business of Design®.
  • It is at the BOD™ Advocate’s discretion to promote BOD™ to the extent of their choosing. It is the intention of this program for the compensation the received to reflect the degree of promotion they offer BOD™.
  • BOD™ encourages our BOD™ Advocates to reach out to us if they require help or guidance to better succeed in this program. BOD™ is open to promotional opportunities the BOD™ Advocate is able to present.


By agreeing to participate in the BOD™ Advocate Program, the BOD™ Member acknowledge that they have read and accept the above terms and conditions.