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BOD™BOSS | Everything You Need to Know

Live sessions took place on March 24, 2021.

If you missed it, catch up with the recording from our evening session. Available for a limited time until April 1, 2021.

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You are a thriving interior design professional nearing the pinnacle of success. Still, you want more.

BOD™ BOSS delivers peer support and accountability to increase profits, fine-tune systems, generate greater client satisfaction and build a solid plan for the future.

Together, you’ll level up; reaching new heights of confidence and greater success.


A new level of membership, for BOD™ members who want to join forces with a Board of Directors.

Board of Directors. BOD™. See what we did there?

Your BOD™ BOSS group will be composed of committed design professionals who want excellence, profitability, continued long-term success and sustained satisfaction.


Successful applicants are BOD™ Certified Professionals or BOD™ Legacy Members (grandfathered) who have already implemented systems and strategies to achieve greater success. They are ambitious and eager for more.



Inaugural BOD™ BOSS groups will launch October 2021.

Team BOD™ is presently seeking qualified applicants. Complete the application here.


BOD™ BOSS groups meet bi-annually—either in person or virtually, as the group decides. The initial kick-off meeting is virtual and will be lead by Team BOD™. Most groups will decide to meet face-to-face on an annual basis.

You are a BOD™ BOSS and deserve a seat at the executive table. Let Business of Design™ match you with qualified applicants who can offer motivation, accountability, and renewed enthusiasm.

What role does Business of Design™ play in BOD™ BOSS groups?

Team BOD™ has an established set of criteria; allowing us to evaluate the merit of each applicant’s qualifications.

In addition:

BOD™ produces the kick-off meeting, initiating you and your new BOD™ BOSS group.

BOD™ provides the format and agenda for BOD™ BOSS meetings.

BOD™ analyzes and consolidates the profit and loss statements of each member bi-annually.

BOD™ provides a three-year commitment to offer guidance, assistance and support.


BOD™ BOSS | Apply

Complete the application to apply for a seat within a BOD™ BOSS group. NEW LINE

Successful applicants will be asked to sign the BOD™ BOSS confidentiality agreement.


BOD™ BOSS | Confidentiality

The principle of confidentiality facilitates open discussion in a safe environment. What you learn in your BOD™ BOSS Group must remain within your BOD™ BOSS Group.