Are you ready to become a BOD™ BOSS Member? 

BOD™ BOSS Groups deliver a strategic agenda, sage guidance, financial expertise, and accountability to achieve more. More profit, fine-tuned systems, happier clients, a thriving career and a reliably successful future.

This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.


As a BOD™ BOSS, you will join qualified peers who, like you, are determined to achieve greater success in business and in life. As a BOD™ BOSS Group member you’ll join forces with a dedicated Board of Directors. BOD. See what we did there? Together with your group, Team BOD™ will push, prompt and love you to greater success.

You’ll meet with your BOD™ BOSS Group in person twice annually, with monthly virtual calls to keep the momentum all year long. BOD™ BOSS Group members will follow a strategic agenda, delivered by Team BOD™.

Build the future you deserve and desire.


Qualified applicants are current or past members of Business of Design® who have completed the BOD15 Program and implemented BOD™ systems and strategies to achieve greater success. They are ambitious and eager for more.

Team BOD™ accepts and reviews applications on an ongoing basis. Successful applicants are sent a letter of acceptance, asked to review and submit the BOD™ BOSS | Terms & Principles, and submit the onboarding fee in order to confirm their participation.


BOD™ BOSS Groups meet in person twice a year. Members are expected to travel semi-annually in order to meet face-to-face with their group. Arrangements can be made for members to attend virtually for select meetings if necessary (we understand, life happens).

Team BOD™ hosts the first meeting and participates in the second meeting in an advisory role to launch new groups. Subsequent BOD™ BOSS Group meetings will be organized and hosted by BOD™ BOSS Group members. Meeting dates and locations will be determined by the group. Team BOD™ facilitates the onboarding of new members to existing groups on an ongoing basis as needed.

All BOD™ BOSS Members gain access to our BOD™ BOSS CFO for two financial review sessions, in order to provide critical financial direction and guidance for the group. The option to continue working with the BOD™ CFO is determined by the group on a per meeting basis.

Explore new destinations and learn.


BOD™ BOSS Groups will elect and rotate the leadership positions of President, Chair, Co-Chair and Treasurer in order to create equity and share the workload. The President manages group affairs and acts as a liaison with Business of Design®. The Chair and Co-Chair are meeting hosts—managing logistics such as meeting location, venue, lodging, activities, speakers and meals. The Treasurer collects funds from group members and distributes them as required.

All BOD™ BOSS Group members are required to actively participate in each meeting by sharing candidly and generously, withholding nothing.

Total transparency is a requirement.


BOD™ BOSS Membership is an annual fee that covers participation in your semi-annual BOD™ BOSS Group meetings. Upon your acceptance, a non-refundable Group Onboarding Fee of $2,500 is due to confirm your spot in the group. This fee covers onboarding, initial meeting expenses, and two financial review sessions with our BOD™ CFO.

The BOD™ BOSS Membership fee of $3,290 is collected annually following confirmation of acceptance and includes BOD™ Membership. You will have continued access to the programs and perks you love (Initial year’s fee adjusted based on remaining membership term).

BOD™ BOSS Group members are responsible for their own travel expenses for all meetings. This may include costs for flight, hotel and incidentals, as well as funds to pay for experts to speak to the group. Your BOD™ BOSS Group will agree on meeting budget in advance.

This opportunity? Priceless.

Here’s what our BOD™ BOSS Members have to say…

“I love seeing the successes of others and that we are at all different levels, however, it is all applicable. Love that we can hold each other accountable and openly, candidly and honestly share what’s worked, documents, contacts, etc. I can see us all remaining together after the 3 years.”

Ellen Walker

“I wish a program like this existed for me far earlier on in my entrepreneurship career. We have a group of incredibly talented women that all bring a truly unique viewpoint and knowledge to our collective success.”

Justine Sterling

“The collective experience (and genius) of this group is nothing short of epic. We are all taking gigantic leaps forward in our businesses.”

Kelly Tivey

“My BOD™ BOSS Group is helping me keep on track, stay accountable, and helps me find ways to implement the BOD™ 15 directly into my business at its current state.” 

Andrea Reordan

“Joining the bod boss group has given me a network of designers that keep me motivated, hold me accountable and helps me analyze my own business and mindset the way only a board of the directors could.”

Juliana Oliveira

“Living in Australia and joining BOD Boss is next level amazeballs. My business has grown and improved profitability, I have found my people and made lifelong friends, I constantly have new highs to strive for and the support and tools to achieve my dreams. This is a true formula for success!”

Jodie Carter

It’s time to greet your future.

Hmmmm, is this just peer-to-peer coaching?

In a word, no. Business of Design® and its team members play a critical role in every BOD™ BOSS ​Group. To start,​ Team BOD™ has an established set of criteria​ which allows us to evaluate the merit of each applicant’s qualifications.

​Team ​BOD™ hosts the initial kick-off meeting, ​where you’ll meet your new BOD™ BOSS ​Group​ peers and learn how the program works​. In addition, Team BOD™ provides the format and agenda for BOD™ BOSS ​Group ​meetings​, while allowing time for customizing meetings to suit the needs of the group.

Vitally important to the group, Team BOD™ analyzes and consolidates ​member updates and offers insights into each member’s business and to the group as a whole. Plus, BOD™ BOSS ​Group members are joined by our BOD™ CFO for the first two meetings, providing a foundation of financial direction and guidance based on individual profit and loss statements provided by each member.

Yes, there is peer-to-peer support. Yes, it is directed by Team BOD™.


This is cool. How are BOD™ BOSS Group members selected?

BOD™ BOSS Groups of 6-12 members will be formed by Team BOD™, after a thorough vetting process.

Group members have various sized firms and years of experience, but these elements alone are not a determining factor. What matters most is intelligence, drive, and a deep desire for success.

Prior to your final commitment, you’ll have an opportunity to preview the profiles of each proposed BOD™ BOSS Group peer.

If you apply and are not accepted, Team BOD™ will explain why and offer suggestions to meet the criteria in future.


I’m sold. What if my BOD™ BOSS Group wants to meet more than twice a year?

While BOD™BOSS Groups will meet officially twice a year, individuals or the group may decide to meet more frequently. (If you go somewhere cool, please invite us!) Team BOD™ will provide some suggested possibilities for meetings-between-the-meetings. Connection, accountability and ongoing support are key factors to your BOD™ BOSS Group success.

Ok. Who decides when and where the groups meet?

BOD™ BOSS Group members will decide on the date and location for each meeting. In-person meetings locations can be agreed upon early, so everyone has time to plan and budget. BOD™ BOSS Group members will work together to determine the location, meeting requirements and costs.


Wait, what if I can’t attend one of the meetings?

If, for any reason, a member is unable to attend a single in-person meeting, the group may decide to accommodate remote attendance. However, if this becomes habitual, or if a member is not meeting commitments, the group may decide to terminate the member’s involvement.


Dang. I already have a peer support group. Do I need a BOD™ BOSS Group too? 

BOD™ Boss Groups have a couple of unique advantages. For one thing, group members are using the systems, strategies and protocols we teach at Business of Design®. That’s important.

In addition, does your existing support group have Team BOD™ acting on its behalf? Nope. We’ve got Kimberley (designer and advocate-in-chief), Cheryl (business degree and director of all things), Janeen (master’s in leadership and programming specialist), and Larry (money guy and BOD™ CFO)—and a few other surprises up our sleeves.


Cool. Is Kimberley at every meeting? 

Kimberley is Team BOD™ Advocate in Chief, and as such, will oversee every aspect of a BOD™ BOSS Group; working closely with all members of Team BOD™ and liaising with the BOD™ BOSS Group President as required.

Team BOD™ (and Kimberley) run the first meeting and attend the second meeting in an advisory role. Don’t worry. Kimberley will be close at hand, but she also needs time to work with her clients!

Business of Design® and you, BOSS.
Spaces are limited. What are you waiting for?