Business of Design® Professional Certification

Business of Design® is the #1 trusted business training resource for design professionals. The BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy sets the industry standard for a commit to systems, strategies and protocols to successfully run your projects and consistently satisfy clients.

Success is not an accident, it’s a strategy.


BOD™ Professional Certification will train you to:

Manage your projects like a BOSS.

Operate with total confidence.

Follow a step-by-step, linear process for project management.

Anticipate and alleviate client stress.

Eliminate jobsite chaos and project fatigue.

Guarantee projects on time and on budget.

Groom reliable trades, suppliers, and vendors who work as a team.

Enjoy profitability that leads to independent wealth.

Achieve your future vision in record time.

The BOD™ Professional Certification Process

Complete the BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy | Certificate Program available through BOD™ Membership. This 20-hour program will provide you with the systems and strategies you need to build a stronger business.

Become a Business of Design® Certified Professional, today.