BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy

Talent and hard work aren’t enough to succeed in this industry. The only way to thrive is to follow a systematic, linear process to project management. Run projects with authority and confidence, from consultation to completion.

There are many imitators, but Business of Design™ is the world’s only field-tested, proven, project management system for interior design professionals, like you.

Liberate your talent. Succeed beyond your wildest dreams.


  • Manage your projects like a BOSS.
  • Operate with total confidence.
  • Follow a step-by-step, linear process for project management.
  • Anticipate and alleviate client stress.
  • Eliminate jobsite chaos and project fatigue.
  • Guarantee projects on time and on budget.
  • Groom reliable trades, suppliers, and vendors who work as a team.
  • Enjoy profitability that leads to independent wealth.
  • Achieve your future vision in record time.

Clients | What does BOD™ Professional Certification mean to you?

BOD™ Professional Certification is for professionals who rely on systems, strategies and protocols to successfully run projects—from consultation to magazine-worthy interiors.

BOD™ Professional Certification is for professionals who respect their clients and operate with impeccable integrity and transparency.

BOD™ Professional Certification is for professionals who are reliable, trustworthy, honest and conscientious.

BOD™ Professional Certification is for professionals who provide clients with an experience that is superior to one they will find anywhere else.

BOD™ Professional Certification is for professionals who are experts in interior design and trained in project management.

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BOD™ 30-Day Build

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30-day term

You are new to BOD™ and want to build a powerful foundation for a process-driven business that generates happier clients, increased profit and true satisfaction.


BOD™ PROGRAM | Build a Better Business

COURSE | Start Where You Are

COURSE | Fees and Billing Practices

COURSE | Ideal Client

COURSE | Better Systems


4 Courses, 4 Weeks, Immediate Results



Take the first step towards
BOD™ Professional Certification

STEP 1 | Consultation | Project Review


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$6000 USD

3-year term

By Application Only

BOD™ BOSS Groups are composed of like-minded, interior design professionals, like you, who are eager for greater success. Your new, curated BOD™ BOSS Group will follow a strategic path to growth; sharing collective wisdom, providing accountability, measuring key metrics and achieving your business and life goals.


BOD™ BOSS Group Members

Semi-Annual In-Person Meetings

Structured Goal Setting & Accountability

Profit and Loss Analysis

Earning & Retained Earning Targets

Peer-to-Peer Support

Legacy and Succession Planning



Insights and strategies from the collective wisdom of Team BOD™

Financial guidance from the BOD™ CFO


*Must be BOD™ Certified or a BOD™ Legacy Member to participate.