Exercise 1: Clear Priorities

Exercise 1 (DOC) Exercise 1 (PDF)

Exercise 2: The Boss Makes the Rules

Exercise 2 (DOC) Exercise 2 (PDF)

Exercise 3: Outlining Consultation Benefits

Exercise 3 (DOC) Exercise 3 (PDF)

Exercise 4: Your Ideal Client

Exercise 4 (DOC) Exercise 4 (PDF)

Exercise 5: Your Ideal Project

Exercise 5 (DOC) Exercise 5 (PDF)

Exercise 6A: Contract | Defining Services

Exercise 6A (DOC) Exercise 6A (PDF)

Exercise 6B: Contract | Fee Schedule

Exercise 6B (DOC) Exercise 6B (PDF)

Exercise 6C: Contract | Items Not Included

Exercise 6C (DOC) Exercise 6C (PDF)

Exercise 6D: Contract | Method of Payment

Exercise 6D (DOC) Exercise 6D (PDF)

Exercise 6E: Contract | Budget

Exercise 6E (DOC) Exercise 6E (PDF)

Exercise 6F: Contract | Project Term

Exercise 6F (DOC) Exercise 6F (PDF)

Exercise 6G: Contract | Addendum

Exercise 6G (DOC) Exercise 6G (PDF)

Exercise 7: Building Your Contract

Exercise 7 (DOC) Exercise 7 (PDF)

Exercise 8: Step 4 Workflow Checklist

Exercise 8 (DOC) Exercise 8 (PDF)

Exercise 9: Step 8 Project Work Order Checklist

Exercise 9 (DOC) Exercise 9 (PDF)

Exercise 10: Determine Your ‘A’ Team

Exercise 10 (DOC) Exercise 10 (PDF)


TEMPLATE: Consultation Summary

Template (DOC) Template (PDF)

TEMPLATE: Furnishings Schedule

Template (DOC) Template (PDF)

SAMPLE: Quote Request Form

Template (DOC) Template (PDF)

SAMPLE: Worksheet

Sample (XLS) Sample (PDF)

SAMPLE: Letter to Suppliers

Sample (DOC) Sample (PDF)

SAMPLE: Client Satisfaction Survey

Sample (DOC) Sample (PDF)