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Budgeting for Accessories

April 13, 2017

We all know a project is not finished until it’s accessorized and styled. But determining a budget for that kind of thing can be challenging.

One tip I learned from Gillian Gillies (who is the guest on Podcast EP 004 Styling Matters), is to run through a high-low scenario with clients as you discuss the styling process.

“On this wall, over the fireplace, do you see an original painting? If so, that’s a minimum of $5,000. Or, do you see a litho, which is in the neighborhood of $2,000? Or do you see a poster for even less?”

Playing the high low game early can at least get clients thinking about costs associated with styling.

For more help with styling take the course STEP 10: Furniture Installation & Styling and listen to Podcast | EP 004 Styling Matters.