Serious about growth and transformation? It’s time to put an experienced BOD™ Business Coach on your team. Unlike traditional coaching, which can take years to produce tangible results, our Business of Design® BOSS Members have been where you are, they’ve completed BOD™ business training and implemented it in their business.

Adding a BOD™ Business Coach to your membership will deliver immediate results. They will advise and support you through implementing our proven strategies from the first phone call. No corner of your business will be left to languish.


Business of Design® Members enjoy preferred pricing on events, products, and coaching.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our initial coaching sessions with Jodie. She is approachable and related well to our challenges within our business currently. She was quickly able to assist us to map a path for the future with a staged yet bold approach. We felt a renewed excitement for our business and feel supported to continue to grow and strengthen with her advice and guidance. We are very much anticipating our next sessions together and what the future will bring.”

Melanie Parker & Elizabeth Flekser
Ivy + Piper Interior Designers

About Jodie Carter

Jodie is a BOD™ BOSS and long time BOD™ Member who has completed Business of Design® business training and implement the BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy to run her successful and profitable design firm in Sydney, Australia.

Jodie specialize in designing and managing luxury clients’ renovations from beginning to end. Clients don’t need to lift a finger as Jodie and her team take care of every detail. Her design superpowers are resolving tricky floor plans and designing amazing custom cabinetry. Jodie works closely with her A-Team of trades and bespoke wholesalers to provide clients with a truly fabulous design experience and the highest quality of fixtures, finishes and furniture.