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Curse of the Silver Lining

March 14, 2015

Being able to find the silver lining is a good thing, right? I thought so. But then I realized….

There have been times in my life (and in my work life) when I should have run for cover rather than stand still to look for the silver lining.

Most of us creative types have powerful intuition. But we are also people pleasers. (Can I get an amen?) When we get that feeling (a wee whisper) that perhaps a particular project isn’t right for us, do we honour that wisdom? Or, do we look for a potential silver lining; explaining away any difficulties or challenges we see ahead?

This year I am looking to honour the wisdom within. I want the courage to say no to projects that don’t inspire me or aren’t a fit for my team.

Sure, I value my optimism, but I don’t want my rose coloured vision to come at the expense of my serenity and wellbeing.

If it looks like a thunderstorm, get out of the rain.