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February 18, 2014

Congratulations. You’ve been blogging for some time now and your following is growing. It’s starting to feel like a true discipline, rather than a hobby.

Unlike writing for a magazine or newspaper, blogging offers you freedom to post what matters to you. However, without a trained editor it’s more difficult to constantly improve your writing skills.

Here are some quick edits I’ve learned from my favourite (the toughest!) editors over the years:

1. Eliminate filler words.

Really and very typically add nothing to your writing. For instance, is there any difference in saying a building’s architecture is striking vs. a building’s architecture is really striking? Or a building’s architecture is very striking? Nope. Lose ’em.

2. Eliminate uncertainty.

If you have something to say, say it. Don’t hedge your opinion with maybe or perhaps. “Perhaps you’ll love the stylish impact draperies make in a room,” is far less powerful than, “Draperies add stylish impact to a room.

3. Eliminate diluted adjectives.

Is the item you are describing truly amazing? In other words, has the mere sight of it created great wonder and awe? Ditto fabulous and super. Double ditto awesome.

If you are keen to improve your writing skills then find an editor or writing mentor to read occasional posts. It’s super duper helpful. 😉

Image: We love this art by talented artist and Made By Girl editor Jennifer Ramos. Doesn’t it just say it all?