BOD™ LIVE | Salary

Join us for this month's BOD Live where we'll talk about salary and the benefits of paying yourself first.

During this member meeting, we’re going to talk about your Salary, which is the fixed, regular payment you receive for your hard work as an interior design professional. Sounds simple, but do you know what most designers are earning? Not what they are charging…. what they are earning? Every full-time interior design professional deserves a salary that is six figures. Year after year, without fail. That’s the goal. If you are not already hitting that figure, let's get you there.

BOD™ LIVE | From Aspiration to Accomplishment

Join us for this month's BOD Live where BOD™ Business Partner, Sierra Collins, will take us from aspiration to accomplishment in 2024.

If you're in search of strategies to escape the never-ending cycle of setting goals and then feeling frustrated by unmet expectations, this BOD Live event is the perfect fit for you! Join us and don't miss the chance to not only discover the secrets of SMARTER goal-setting but also the critical steps to take after you've set your goals, ensuring that your aspirations become genuine accomplishments. Your journey to achieving your objectives starts here!

BOD™ LIVE | Trade Day

Join us for this month's BOD Live where we'll answer all your questions about running a successful Trade Day.

Trade day is an efficient, organized, heavy lifting day—one that moves a project from the dream phase to the actual work phase. A well-organized trade day provides the design professional with every bit of information required to successfully resolve a client’s wish list. And, orchestrated well – you are going to look like a hero to your new clients.