IMC Webinar Series

BOD™ has partnered with IMC to bring you a virtual learning experience. As part of Las Vegas Market and High…

BOD™ Member Group Coaching

You are not alone. As a PREMIUM Member of Business of Design™, you have access to Kimberley as your mentor and coach. Use these invaluable monthly group coaching sessions to clarify your understanding of systems, build your confidence to implement new policies and get your real life project issues resolved. Registration for the next session is open.

BOD™ Launch Promo

Starting October 6th, the new and improved Business of Design™ is live. BOD™. Only better. Yah!

To welcome you to the new BOD™ website, and in thanks and appreciation for your continued support, we are offering new and returning members the opportunity to join Business of Design™ at current rates ($79 monthly). For 10 DAYS ONLY.  October 6 to October 15.

New pricing takes effect on October 16th. Join Today. Don’t delay.

BOD™ LIVE | I’m Over It

2020. Are you over it? Yup. Us too.

Let's hash it out at the inaugural BOD™ LIVE. Join us November 4th at 1pm EST.

We asked BOD™ members Jamie Galapo, Rebecca Ward and Christopher Shields to dish on what they’re done with in 2020, and what they plan to do about it.

BOD™ LIVE | Resolutions

What is your New Year's resolution?

Ready for 2021? Yaaaaas. Let's share our New Year's resolutions. What are looking forward to, what are you planning, and what are you committed to in 2021?Join the fun, December 9th at 1pm EST.

BOD™ LIVE | Design for Living

Mature, successful businesses begin with a strong foundation; a vision of where the owner wants the business to be in 3 or 5 or 10 years and beyond.

Many times, this future vision includes ideas and strategies that are fundamental for work success but fail to consider the importance of how the business will impact the owner’s life. After all, what's the point of having a thriving business if it doesn't support the lifestyle you deserve and desire?

BOD™ LIVE | Palm Springs

We know ... we're all stuck at home. Sigh. However, Team BOD™ is inviting you to visit Palm Springs (without leaving your home). Take in the local sights, tour a cool project and hang out with Christopher Kennedy!

Don't miss out on this burst of sunshine.

BOD™ LIVE | Book Club

If you know Kimberley, you know this is the book that started it all—E-MYTH. Join BOD™ for its first book club meeting. This BOD™ LIVE event will focus on the teachings found in Michael E. Gerber's seminal book, The E-myth. Gerber’s suggestions to create systems in order to run your business and save your sanity are a founding principle of what we teach at Business of Design™.

You do not have to buy the book to participate. BOD™ Live events are included with your membership.

BOD™ LIVE | Your Dream Team

With multiple projects on the go and too few hours in the day, you may have found yourself dreaming of that first hire. Or, perhaps you’ve hired before and it didn’t go as planned. 🤦‍♀️

This month BOD™ member and interior designer Laura Martin Bovard answers the question: Is it possible to build a dream team and keep your sanity?

BOD™ LIVE | Group Coaching

Back by popular demand, we'll be doing an open group coaching session in May. Come prepared with your questions, and ready to offer experience, expertise and support to your fellow members.

You are not alone. BOD™ Live meetings are therapy for your business and your life!

BOD™ LIVE | Book Club | Profit First

At this month's book club, we are joined by entrepreneur and author, Mike Michalowicz. Mike is the creator of Profit First, which is used by hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe to drive profit. Mike has devoted his life to the research and delivery of innovative, impactful entrepreneurial strategies to you.