BOD™ LIVE | Hourly vs. Flat Fees

Should you or shouldn't you? Switch to flat fees, that is. This month, Kimberley will discuss key differences between the BOD™ hourly fee and BOD™ flat fee methods. Which method to start with, how to effectively use both methods, and how to decide which method is right for your business.

BOD™ LIVE | Hiring Employees vs. Contractors

Ready to hire your first assistance or grow your existing team? At BOD™, we receive so many questions about where to start and the advantages of hiring full time employees vs. independent contractors. This month we are going to share the pros and cons to consider of staffing methods and review how the BOD™ systems make it possible for any member to hire an assistant / bookkeeper / fill in the blank. You CAN afford it! 

BOD™ LIVE | Commercial Projects

Already using (loving!) BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy for your residential projects? You'll be pleased to discover you can enjoy the same precision and order running commercial projects with the BOD™ 15. Yup. Join BOD™ LIVE on April 13th when the focus will be on successfully running commercial projects.

BOD™ Elite Retreat | Santa Monica 2022

Step out of the daily grind, gain a new perspective and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

BOD™ Elite Retreat | Santa Monica emphasizes learning, and will also feed your soul with home tours, design lessons and experience-sharing—resulting in a new way of thinking and renewed enthusiasm for your business and your life.

BOD™ LIVE | Topline Meetings

Hey KS, what is a topline meeting? That's a question that was posed at our BOD™ LIVE meeting in May. The purpose of topline is to review the "topline" status of each client project, rather than dig into the nitty gritty.

BOD™ LIVE | Open Q&A

If you’re serious about transforming your business by implementing the systems and procedures you learn about through Business of Design®, our monthly BOD™ Live meetings will help keep you motivated, accountable, and in good company. Come prepared with your questions, and be ready to offer experience, expertise and support to your fellow members.

Flat Fee Projects

Join us for this 3-hour virtual seminar.

You’ve chosen this career as a design professional because you have a gift and an aptitude. You love what you do, you want to please your clients and receive recognition for the work you perform. And, you deserve to be fairly compensated.

BOD™ LIVE | Project Management Software

Hey CH, what project management program does BOD™ recommend? The truth is, we don't. This is one of the top questions Cheryl Horne, Director of Operations for Business of Design®, receives from our members. With so many options available, this is a question we always refer back to the BOD™ member community to answer.

BOD™ LIVE | Team-Facing Procedures

Following the Business of Design® 15 Step Project Management Strategy takes the guesswork out of project management and allows you, the hardworking business owner, to deliver on time, on budget results, every time. The BOD™ 15 (as described in your contract) are a series of client-facing protocols. Behind the scenes (team-facing) and not present in your contract, there is a lot more to consider.

Take Flight: Thriving as a Small Design Business

Being as thoughtful about your design business as you are about creating a memorable room is critical to every designer's success. Join Business of Design® and Daniel House Club as Interior Design Magazine asks 5 industry leaders what tools they've relied on to help their businesses flourish. Leave inspired and armed with the resources you need to take your business to the next level.

BOD™ LIVE | Book Club | Atomic Habits

Join Team BOD™ this September for our next book club. Recommended by one of our podcast guest, this breakthrough book from James Clear is the most comprehensive guide on how to change your habits and get 1% better every day. It's a game changer and a great tool if you feel stuck or overwhelmed when it comes to implementing the systems we teach at Business of Design®.

BOD™ CONTRACT | Commercial Projects

Join us for this 2-hour virtual seminar. At last, learn how the BOD™ 15 Step Project Management Strategy you love for residential projects can work equally well for commercial projects. During this two hour seminar, Kimberley will explain the rationale behind each policy in the BOD™15 Commercial Contract