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Exciting Changes to Business of Design™ Membership

April 26, 2019

We have some exciting improvements and updates coming to Business of Design™ membership. Thank you for your support and encouragement—you are the reason we keep improving our own systems and content.

Team BOD has been hard at work to develop new courses and we’ve recently launched Hiring Practices, which allows you to use Kimberley’s step by step hiring process and Budgeting with Precision, which provides you with several ways to get a budget from your client. We also have 2 new Checklist courses coming soon. All of these courses are automatically part of your membership. Use them and let us know how they work for you.

Beginning August 1, 2019, Business of Design™ contracts courses (hourly and flat fee) will only be available as a separate purchase. Currently, annual members have access to these contracts as part of their membership. Make sure to take the contracts courses and download copies of Kimberley’s contract for your own use. After August 1st, these courses will be a separate purchase.

If you are thinking of making an annual commitment to learning BOD’s systems and practices, now is the time to do it, while the contracts courses are included.

Coming in 2020 is Business of Design™’s Operations Manual course. Like the Business of Design™ Contract courses, the Operations Manual course and Kimberley’s own OPS Manual will be a stand-alone purchase. Included in this course will be everything you need to know about developing an Operations Manual, keeping all your systems and procedures in one handy location. Having a user-friendly Operations Manual provides a framework for your day-to-day operations and adds tremendous value to your business.

Don’t forget, BOD group coaching is also part of your membership. Kimberley is available to answer questions and clarify course content during these calls.

Thank you again for your continued support and commitment to Business of Design™. We continue to make changes and improvements based on the feedback of our members and we are always happy to hearing from you.

Kimberley Seldon, Advocate in Chief
and Team BOD