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Kimberley Seldon Masters the Business of Design

August 10, 2020

In a recent article in furniture, lighting, & decorDiane Falvey shares Kimberley’s journey as an Interior Designer and how Business of Design™ came to be.

From Kimberley’s career in TV, to going to design school and hosting design shows on what’s now known as HGTV, Kimberley has now created a successful coaching platform to mentor other interior designers.

“I was super famous in Canada as a designer, but I was doing a terrible job at making clients happy. I couldn’t get a handle on it.”

Business of Design™ was created because Kimberley saw the need for coaching, mentorship and better systems within her own interior design business. After spending a decade, devising systems that would work for her business, clients, and employees, Kimberley decided it was time to share these systems with other Interior Designers to help them also build successful careers.

“As creatives we like a certain amount of creative freedom,” says Kimberley Seldon, Interior Designer and Founder of Business of Design, an interior design business coaching program developed from personal necessity. “We might want to call it magic. I call it chaos” 

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