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Letting Go

May 3, 2017

Letting go of items that have sentimental  to you can be challenging. Just ask me about the pink flamingo.

When Our family moved from a big house into a smaller condo, I struggled, just like my clients sometimes do, with letting go of items. That lead me to hire expert help and I called Downsizing Diva. They suggested I take photos of anything I thought I might miss. Turns out, that was a brilliant  solution. I remember vividly when friends delivered a 5′ tall flamingo to us after Raleigh’s birth. This photo  of me holding the storks bundle, makes me laugh. Having to store the 5 foot stork that was attached to it would have been problematic  as we’ve moved a couple of times. And, it’s hardly something I would display prominently in my living room.

Sometimes you need to know when to hire expert help and, to take their advice.

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