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Pillow Fight!

January 7, 2014

The work an interior design professional does is far more complicated than most suspect. To illustrate my point, I wrote an article that followed the 12 steps required to creating one custom pillow. To read the article, click here.

One Pillow. Twelve Steps.

Despite our best efforts there are some days when anything that can go wrong does go wrong.  When that happens, where do you turn? To BOD of course!

Join us for our first ever Designer Pillow Fight!

Those of you attending the conference will grab a pillow and get all those frustrations out in the open. Then we’ll spend the rest of our two-day program talking about how to avoid the frustrations in the first place.

We hope you’ll be part of the fun and learnings. For more conference Info – click here.

Thank you Brentwood Classics for providing us with some soft and lovely pillows to use just for this purpose!!

Photo: The BOD team pillow fighting while preparing for the BOD 2014 Conference- just another day at the office!