EP 063 | Workout Your Business with Cheryl Horne

June 4, 2018

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If you’re listening in to the BOD podcast each week, you’re already motivated to get your business in shape. But if you want to transform your business and really see results, you need more than motivation, you need a gym for your business.

In this episode we learn:
– realistic goals: manage your own expectations when it comes to working on your business
– to schedule it: treat learning like a client meeting (it’s equally important!)
– where to start: build a foundation to build a stronger business
– proper form: take the guess work out of systems
– accountability is key and where to find support


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Cheryl is the Director of Operations for Business of Design™ and has worked with Kimberley Seldon Design & Media for over 10 years. From business strategy to member support, Cheryl has worked with Kimberley to grow the Business of Design™ platform and reach an international community of design professionals.

In addition, Cheryl is the owner of MadMac Solutions, a web design and online business development firm that works with entrepreneurs to create, grow and monetize their online presence.



BOD & You

As interior design professionals, we LOVE our work because it matters so much. We want our clients to get our best every time, because it’s going to affect the way they live for years to come. But doing our best work isn’t possible if we can’t dedicate ourselves to it. And we can’t dedicate ourselves to it if doesn’t earn us a living.

Business of Design™ is the best professional advice and business coaching available, and it’s just for you. Our mission is to liberate your talent and skill by showing you how to run a business that supports you, empowers you, and lets you love your work again.


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