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I have been using the site and growing thanks to BOD since 2013. BOD has been very helpful in the growth and development of my business directly. The information content is unique to BOD in comparison to other avenues of Con Ed. It’s price-less in terms of how it has improved by business processes/systems.

Anna Kowalczyk, Toronto ON

Kimberley and Business of Design completely changed the way I ran my business. I feel more in control of my projects, more confidence in my processes, and upped my fees immediately. Within 2 weeks, I’d signed a client for about 3x what I would have previously charged. I highly recommend investing in yourself through BOD.

Crystal Ortiz, Virginia

I raised my fees right after I found BOD. Within 2 weeks I landed a $10K flat fee project. I was scared to death to tell the client that number, but the client didn’t bat an eye. Previously that would have been a $4K fee.

Crystal Ortiz, Harrisonburg PA

If you are looking to streamline your business and make it more efficient and successful without so much stress and anxiety over every project and client then Business of Design is for you. The website is easy to use and full of helpful videos and information that walk you step by step through each area of your business that can be improved. There is so much useful content….topics that you didn’t even realize you needed help with are included along with everything else you can think of to make your business run better. It’s a business and a life changer.

Brittany Stiles, Costa Mesa CA

Having the ear and advice of someone who’s been there and done that before is an invaluable resource! Kimberley helped us gain clarity and a direction in both our day to day operations as well as some sage and sound advice and solutions for some particular case by case situations we were struggling with. We highly recommend the Business of Design coaching services – dollars wisely spent!

Bahia Taylor, Winnipeg MB

I hired Kimberley 2 years ago, and it has been a great experience. I am much more confident, doubled my income and got my mojo back! It’s been incredibly helpful having a mentor to keep me on track and support me when you know what hits the fan. Best money ever spent! Highly recommend her coaching!

Ellen Walker, Red Deer AB