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Thank you Kimberley for answering my “interior design business” prayers. I’m sure I speak on behalf of all designers that are learning from her when I say how very grateful we are that she is sharing her wealth of knowledge and is empowering women business owners worldwide.
Rosaria Miot, Australia

I just signed up for Business of Design 2 days ago and I am completely loving every bit of this! Looking to majorly improve my 2 year old design business (and my quality of life!!) and I know this is what I needed. Thank you for providing these amazing courses and lessons!

Jessica Broyles, Orlando FL

In our country, Kimberley is the name of a diamond mine. How appropriate. I have become a huge fan of business of design in no time at all and little by little it is changing my life as it changes my business.

Andre Kleynhans, South Africa

If you are looking to streamline your business and make it more efficient and successful without so much stress and anxiety over every project and client then Business of Design is for you. The website is easy to use and full of helpful videos and information that walk you step by step through each area of your business that can be improved. There is so much useful content….topics that you didn’t even realize you needed help with are included along with everything else you can think of to make your business run better. It’s a business and a life changer.

Brittany Stiles, Costa Mesa CA

I just found out today that a flat fee proposal that I did for a repeat client has been accepted. I am thrilled because I honestly thought they would baulk at the cost – it is so much more than last time (I used an hourly fee contract then and didn’t charge for 25% of the time because they were so shocked at the fees mounting up and I found it so hard to estimate how long things take). That is entirely down to Kimberley’s courses and coaching and all the facebook group ‘know your worth and don’t apologize for it’ messages.

Julia Murray, Gloucestershire UK

I hired Kimberley 2 years ago, and it has been a great experience. I am much more confident, doubled my income and got my mojo back! It’s been incredibly helpful having a mentor to keep me on track and support me when you know what hits the fan. Best money ever spent! Highly recommend her coaching!

Ellen Walker, Red Deer AB