EP 087 | Google Ads with Faith Sheridan

November 19, 2018

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About this Episode

Ever thought about placing a Google ad to attract the right clients? Seattle interior designer Faith Sheridan did more than that—she placed the ad…and it worked! Lucky for us, she’s sharing everything she’s learned in the process.

In this episode we learn:

  • it’s worth trying something new when you feel you hit a slump
  • negative key words (terms you do not want clients to find you through) are as important as key words
  • you will set a budget and the ad will run until your budget is used
  • prior to placing ads, consider who your ideal client is and target that person specifically
  • transparency with fees drives the right customers your way
  • quality is more important than quantity when it comes to ad hits
  • use any software you like—it’s a tool—you will still need systems and procedures


Take Aways

Faith suggests joining Business of Design™ (we love her idea!) and emphasizes the value of open sharing with other professional designers. Find out more…



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Faith Sheridan is a Seattle interior designer who creates luxury interiors tailored to the lifestyles of her Pacific Northwest clients. Our clients love our classic good taste melded with a modern point of view. Projects include private homes, rural estates, urban high-rise condos and second homes. Our busy clients love to entertain family and friends at large and small gatherings, they travel often, collect all sorts of things including art, wine, rugs plus they actively involve themselves in the community, at the art museum and performances. Appreciated is our no-nonsense, efficient approach as well as completing projects on-time and budget. As a past member and contributor to the first Benjamin Moore Residential Color Advisory team, Faith is fearless when it comes to the creation of custom furnishings, especially rugs. This is due to, not only to her understanding of color, but to her love for color, as well. Her work with Benjamin Moore also led Faith to help define the Color Palette Initiative that determines future color trends. Faith launched her firm in the late 80s by designing estate homes in Omaha, before making her home in Portland and then to Seattle, where she now resides. She’s a professional member of ASID and Past President of the Oregon ASID chapter, and is dedicated to giving her clients the 5-Star Luxury Experience they desire. www.faithsheridan.com

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