EP 088 | Holiday Gift Giving with Ashley Uhl

November 26, 2018

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Design is a competitive industry filled with thousands of designers who create jaw dropping designs. To stand out, it’s vital to create a spectacular service experience—not just during the holidays, but all year round.

In this episode we learn:

  • three key factors to creating a spectacular client experience every day of the year
  • asking for constructive feedback is important to improving your systems
  • how to show appreciation to clients with holiday gifts
  • why a consumable gift or experience may be your best choice
  • to make it personal when it comes to gift-giving


Take Aways

Target your ideal clients and projects, then focus on customer retention and satisfaction. Find out how to Enhance Customer Service and transform your bottom line.


Design Intervention

Ask clients throughout the project: What could make working with us easier? Find out what you can do better, while there is time to make the improvements for your existing clients.

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Ashley Uhl, owner and founder of Ashley Uhl Consulting, knows the incredible impact that delivering a spectacular experience can have on a business. That’s why her mission is to help designers develop client service plans that allow them to increase their profits, efficiency, and client loyalty.

Ashley’s been cultivating a love for service her entire lifetime. Traveling extensively throughout the world early on in life, she developed an incredible respect, understanding, and interest in the five-star service and hospitality she encountered.

She furthered her interest in service with formal training and work in human relations, sales, and presentations for top professional development company, Dale Carnegie. This allowed her to expand her abilities to both create memorable experiences for customers and prevent conflicts and frustrations from happening between a business and their clients.

While later serving high net worth clients at wealth management firm, Morgan Stanley, and simultaneously decorating her first home, Ashley found her other passion, interior design. But after working on projects with family and friends, she realized that design itself wasn’t her calling. With a nudge from her husband, she decided to combine her love for both service and design. Thus, allowing her to become the first and only service consultant exclusively focused on interior designers.


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