EP 098 | Sales for your Non-Selly Self with Shawna Beckmann

February 4, 2019

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About this Episode

To sustain the work we do as creatives, we must learn to sell ourselves and our services. That isn’t always easy for us “non-selly” types. Fortunately, there are some simple sales strategies that we can use immediately.

In this episode we learn:

  • actionable sales strategies to close the deal
  • when we help customers visualize the outcome, it’s easier for them to buy
  • clients are not buying furniture and fixtures, they are buying the outcome you provide
  • to remind a potential client why they phoned you, ask them what about your work resonated with them
  • creating a win-win situation involves assertiveness
  • it’s not possible to sustain yourself if you are not earning a living
  • it’s possible to work really hard and make little or no money
  • if you are too busy it’s a great time to raise your rate
  • identify your own money baggage


Take Aways

5 Actionable Simple Sales Strategies

  1. sell the outcome, not the process
  2. transformation sells, so use the outcome as a form of visual persuasion
  3. get invited into the sales talk
  4. consider people’s past purchases as an indicator for fit
  5. sales only feels weird when you’re selling the wrong thing to the wrong people


Design Intervention

You cannot become who you are not becoming. If you are not taking steps to be that person you are keen to become, you will not get there. Step up and into the role you want.


Shawna Beckmann (conversational marketing expert) is a former crisis line advocate and tissue donation "asker" has learned how to navigate awkward conversations most people don’t want to have. In her quest for relative prosperity she's been able to take these conversational principles and train and coach creatives to navigate the sales talk without compromising their non-selly selves. With her proven A.S.S. method (actionable simple sales) she's able to do so while raising 5 humans under 7 and still find time to cross stitch and drink champagne every Friday with her husband. www.heyheyshawnamay.com Bottoms Up, Sell without the Struggle – free daily email

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