EP 119 | Networking for Interior Design Pros with Tania Bell

July 2, 2019

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In the design industry it’s paramount to have a quality team of suppliers, trades, manufacturers and makers behind you, to make you look good. In addition, developing strong relationships and maintaining them with current and past clients is essential to grow long-term success and keep your pipeline filled. Melbourne designer, Tania Bell says effective networking is how to succeed.

In this episode we learn:

  • you can learn to network effectively
  • it’s ok to lead with an authentic conversation opener—one that shows you are feeling vulnerable
  • be prepared with an exit strategy if the conversation isn’t what you are looking for
  • questions allow the other person to open up and get comfortable with you
  • create a system or procedure for how you look after referral partners
  • schedule regular phone calls, emails, texts, coffee catch ups or even lunch, so that you can keep a new contact in the loop
  • don’t feel compelled to answer design questions at a party or networking events
  • to meet new potential clients rely on the good word of family and friends


Design Intervention

When networking be prepared to listen and always be yourself.

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Tania started her business, Green Room Interiors over 15 years ago and she’s been decorating and designing residential interiors all over Melbourne since.

She relies on a personal process where she uses her highly tuned sense of intuition to really connect with her clients, to get inside their heads and draw out their vision. Then, it’s all about collaboration and relationship building.

In addition to a full-time design business she loves being a mum to an energetic school-aged daughter, Freya.

In 2016 Tania was awarded a Dulux Colour Award for paint colours she specified for the exterior of a local church. Her hashtag: #colourmakesmyheartsing is her wish that your heart sings every time you walk into your designed and decorated space.

When not working in her interior decoration and design business, she loves to run for stress relief, endurance and mental strength. Persistence and dedication really kicks in when it’s cold and wet outside and you’ve promised yourself you’d do a run that day.

Tania also practices yoga and meditation, which grounds her and gives her clarity. “Without these extra-curricular activities, I don’t think I could ever be as productive in my business as I am,” says Tania.

Working with me I have a process where I get to know you before any commitment is made. I love nothing more than to sit down with you and draw out your vision for your project and really connect with you.


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