EP 184 | Design It, Build It with David Supple

August 17, 2020

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About this Episode

When we graduate from a design or architect program and start working, it’s pretty likely our education is only just beginning. Architect, design build expert, David Supple says the insecurity we feel in our first jobs is similar to how you might feel as a chef, if you had never cooked, but had to create recipes. Becoming an expert takes time. Surround yourself with people who have the skills you don’t, and you can speed up the process and serve the clients.

In this episode we learn:

  • education doesn’t end with formal programming
  • preparation before the design process is critical to success
  • someone has to take the lead on the project
  • expertise is built over time
  • a cohesive team of experts is the best way to satisfy clients
  • create a love it and loathe it list prior to hiring

About David Supple

David Supple is the owner and CEO of New Era Design and Construct, a Boston based residential DesignBuild remodeling firm. He is currently writing books on the True History of the Architect & Builder and DesignBuild – the Natural Approach to Building. David graduated from Tufts University with a degree in architecture and then worked in a California design studio for three years before founding NEDC in 2005.  He rapidly established the company as a leader in design excellence, winning over 30 awards and written about in over 30 publications, with over 5 million in annual revenue and 15+ amazing team members. An aspiring comedian, he currently practices on his wife & 2 children – they say he has a way to go.

Tufts 2002 graduate with a degree in Architecture—also played lacrosse.  Built New England Design & Construction from scratch, now one of Boston’s leading Design Build firms.  Passionate about Design Build as a fully natural and integrated design, planning and building process and returning Architect to its proper role of Master Builder – I.e. one who can both plan and DO.   (I could not build after graduating with an architectural degree which I felt had an aspect of falsity to it—I had to teach myself).  Built a creative, professional Design Build firm with vibrant people and artisan level build quality. We do high-end and luxury whole-home remodels in Boston.

Launched Design Build interview show where I interview industry leaders who are making a difference.

Establishing International Design Build Guild.

I am aspiring comedian and practice on my wife.


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