EP 186 | Close the Sale with Nikki Rausch

September 7, 2020

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About this Episode

The sales process, whether you love it or hate it, isn’t about you. It’s about the client. Sales coach Nikki Rausch says there is a right way to engage the client and close the sale.

In this episode we learn:

  • sales is something you do with a client, not to a client
  • how to prepare yourself for the sales process
  • dog calling vs. cat calling energy
  • a 5-step process for sales
  • most people will not make a decision to hire you, unless you ask them
  • issue a final invitation for the client to buy

Design Intervention

Stop focusing on making the best decision and focus on making your next decision—because it ain’t gotta be perfect!

Take Away

Having a Neuro Linguistic Programming mandala allows you to prepare for the sales process. These four messages can be reviewed and considered, prior to the sale, or any important event, to prepare ourselves for the process of sales.

  1. I’m glad I’m here.
  2. I’m glad you’re here.
  3. I know what I know.
  4. I care about you.

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About Nikki Rausch

After 25 years’ experience selling to such prestigious organizations as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA, Nikki Rausch decided to trade in her road warrior status so she could help entrepreneurs sell in a way that builds relationships, creates true connection, and results in more closed deals and long-term clients. Now, as a sales coach, author, speaker, podcast host and founder of Sales Maven, Nikki transforms the misunderstood process of “selling” into techniques, tools, and tips that can be successfully incorporated into a process replicable by anyone whose livelihood relies on selling a product, a service, or themselves. When she’s not helping business owners move their clients along the ‘Selling Staircase’, Nikki enjoys taking in all the beauty that living in the Pacific Northwest affords her.


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