EP 190 | Learning the Hard Way with Courtney Otte

October 6, 2020

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Being new to the industry and starting a design business at a young age will definitely teach you some hard lessons, and as design professionals, I’m sure we’ve all made a silly mistake or two. Hopefully we can all learn from these lessons and each other’s mistakes so we don’t have to go through the pain of repeating them.

In This Episode We Learn:

  • Design professionals hesitate to go into business because they think they need to take another class, but you’ll learn more working on actual projects
  • Do not be afraid of failure, we learn and grow from these failures
  • Be extra careful when confirming details with contractors, trades and suppliers through text or email, if you’re not this could lead to some very expensive mistakes
  • If your clients have to ask you a question after they read your contract then you need to change your contract, it should already answer all of their questions

Design Intervention

Whenever you are dealing with a challenging client situation, take the emotion out of it. This isn’t about YOU, this is about business. It is okay to ‘feel’ the emotions but quickly get them out of you and move on, then look at the situation from a business perspective. Allow that to curate your response to the situation.

About Courtney Otte

Courtney Otte is a wife, mother, volunteer, and Chief of Everything at The Modern Hive Interior Design. Founded in 2012 at the young age of 22, Courtney established The Modern Hive with the unique dweller in mind. She started The modern Hive from the ground up and openly admits she has had to learn quite a bit the ‘hard way’ but has been constantly striving to improve her service offerings and processes since day 1. Inspired by so many designers who have come before her and have offered invaluable advice, Courtney who is now 30 and has had a ‘few years’ to figure it out has curated a unique approach to interior design that allows her to work with her clients with a clear and effective approach.


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