EP 191 | Creating Value with Camal Pirbhai

October 14, 2020

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We continually deliver quality and value to clients by relying on the trades, suppliers and manufacturers who make us look good each and every time. In this episode we hear insights from a soft furnishings expert, one of Kimberley’s A Team.

In this episode we learn:

  • designers should demand more from their workrooms
  • there are endless variations which will create custom looks
  • when the budget is tight, spend more on fabrication and less on material
  • pay attention to hardware when you want to make a statement
  • quality installation is the only way to ensure window coverings will hang perfectly
  • never skimp on hiring the best trades


Design Intervention

You get what you pay for is a flawed philosophy, but it has merit.

Quality and uniqueness will resonate.

About Camal Pirbhai

Camal Pirbhai is the principal and head curtain maker at Studio La Beaute has 26 years’ experience running a soft furnishings studio. During the past decade, he’s elevated his work to an haute couture level and entered the public realm with an art practice. He has mastered old world techniques like embroidery, beadwork, trapunto and he is an innovator; developing new techniques for a clientele that includes Canada’s most well-known and respected designers.

He loves fabric, but also seeks to integrate exotic or unusual materials into his soft furnishings. He collaborates regularly with other artisans like glass blowers to create a unique experience for designers and clients.


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