EP 213 | Curate your Business with Jennifer Jones, hosted by Laura Martin Bovard

March 16, 2021

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Just like you curate your designs, it’s possible to curate your business. Be choosy when it comes to staff, clients and projects. Guest host and BOD™ Member, Laura Martin Bovard of LMB Interiors, interviews fellow San Francisco Bay area designer, Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors, in this candid share-all conversation.

In this episode we learn:

  • make the most of your time working for established firms
  • the worst time to hire is when you need to hire
  • listen for red flags during the initial phone call and during the consultation
  • educate clients about the impact of delayed decision-making
  • perfection is not the goal
  • let go of self-doubt and trust your instincts
  • be as picky about the staff and clients you choose to work with as you are about the person you marry
  • know your value and speak candidly to clients about what your services will deliver
  • letting go of the wrong clients and projects makes space for the right ones
  • say NO, practice in front of the mirror


Design Intervention

Jennifer’s advice: “There’s no perfect way to run a business!” Instead of asking yourself, “What’s the absolute best way to do something?”, asks yourself, “What’s the best way for me and my team?”

Laura’s advice: This moment is all we have. Fall in love with the process of growing your business, the day-to-day work. Stacking up the good moments leads to a good business and a good life.

About Guest Host Laura Martin Bovard

Interior Designer Laura Martin Bovard will tell you that she could not have imagined that her current multi-million-dollar business with eight employees was even possible — and that it would be this much fun — back when she started designing from her dining room table in 2002. Today LMB Interiors is a sought-after award-winning high-end interior design firm with an earthy chic vibe. Known for working with local Oakland and Bay Area artists and workrooms, LMB Interiors creates unique, personalized, soulful interiors that celebrate community, connection, creativity, family, and home. Laura runs her business from the Divine Feminine, alchemizing spiritual and material practices into a thriving company — with a lot of cussing and dance parties and Zoom calls and mani-pedis thrown in.

lmbinteriors.com + divinehustler.com

About Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is Principal Designer and Owner of Niche Interiors, an award-winning residential interior design firm based in San Francisco. A native Californian who studied Art History in Rome, Jennifer’s designs achieve an elusive blend of sophistication and sustainability. Jennifer is frequently quoted as an industry expert on sustainable living and is an Ambassador to the Sustainable Furnishings Council and a Founding Member of the Good Future Design Alliance. Niche Interiors has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Luxe Magazine, Elle Decor, and Forbes.


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