EP 233 | Purchasing Artwork Online with Andrea Bogart

August 3, 2021

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For many design professionals, the task of purchasing artwork for clients or advising them on their own purchases is challenging. Andrea Bogart of Embrace Creatives says she’s a matchmaker who pairs designers with reliable, professional artists—keeping projects on track and on budget.

In this episode we learn:

  • a clear understanding of what’s considered quality workmanship, so you don’t get stuck with an inferior product
  • quality begins with highly professional artists, so make sure the online art source has professional documentation
  • with paper/printmaking, ensure stray pieces of backing are cut off neatly and watch for small white patches where the ink has not been evenly applied
  • with fiber/textile artwork, check for even tension throughout the weaving (zoom with the dealer and ask them to hold the item up to various light)
  • with paintings, ask about varnishing and avoid placing in full sun or near heat registers
  • with paintings, avoid wrinkles and puckers ask to see the corners



Don’t let your business run you. Get organized, stick to boundaries and be in charge.

Successful people work ON their lives, not in their lives. They don’t let their days push and pull them, like they’re in a trance, but instead, they actively mold their life. And while doing so, they also design their business, on purpose. That concept woke me up. I got back into meditation, am more mindful of the present moment, and attract successful and good people to my life and business. In addition, I feel stronger, emotionally and say “no” more often to things that do not serve me.



Painter, Paul Bertholet

Paper collage, printmaking, photography Ray Beldner

Textile dyed fibers Debbie Grifka

About Andrea Bogart

Andrea Bogart loves her life. After 30 years in NY, she moved home to Michigan and dove head-first into creative economic development where she empowers artists, curates exceptional art, and meets inspiring, creative people. She works for the College of Architecture + Design at Lawrence Tech University and grows her startup, Embrace Creatives. Bogart enjoys exhibiting her own artwork, supporting artists, and matching collectors and interior designers to the right art for their design projects.


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