EP 249 | Yup, It Works Here Too with Jodie Carter

November 23, 2021

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Yes, it is possible to secure a sizable retainer in order to proceed with confidence on your next big job. Sydney designer, Jodie Carter, shares a recent win and offers advice on how to get where you want to be sooner.

In this episode we learn:

  • follow a process that works to attract better jobs and great clients
  • raise your rates (we know you’ve heard this here before)
  • speak only to your ideal (high-end) clients in all your branding
  • yes, you should read your contract, in full, at the consultation
  • ask for the money – you can do it
  • log every minute you work on a job, be a stickler for this



Think positive thoughts every moment. Accept the fact that your attitude creates the results you experience, both personally and professionally.

This is one I have had written down on sticky notes for many years. I have it amongst others stuck on the bathroom mirror, next to the loo and even in the kids’ bathroom. It’s so true you know. A positive mindset really makes the most incredible difference in your life.

About Jodie Carter

Specializes in designing and managing luxury clients’ renovations from beginning to end. They don’t need to lift a finger as Jodie takes care of everything. Her design superpower is resolving tricky floor plans and designing amazing custom cabinetry. Jodie works closely with her A-Team of trades and bespoke wholesalers to provide clients with a truly fabulous design experience and the highest quality of fixtures, finishes and furniture.


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