EP 325 | Over Delivering with Melissa Morris

May 23, 2023

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One of the most common operational pitfalls any design professional encounters is a scope of work that is not clearly defined. Frequently, a lack of clarity around deliverables results in an excess of work that is unpaid and a chronic lack of profitability.

In this episode we learn:

  • perfectionism and lack of clarity around scope lead to overwork and overwhelm
  • to avoid the tendency to over-deliver, you must clearly define the scope of work
  • the first time a client wants to work out of bounds is the most important time to say no
  • to avoid leadership bottlenecks, stick to process
  • time tracking provides invaluable insights for your business



Focus on relationships. It wasn’t long ago that all the hype was about blogging, social media posts and Facebook ads – and it’s still often preached. A business coach told me to focus on building relationships and she was right. Long before the internet, word of mouth and referrals was a great way to build a business and that still holds true today. While I definitely blog and post to social media, I put more effort into relationship building than most.



When you’ve completed the BOD15 Program within BOD™ Membership, implement Business of Design®’s Flat Fee Method using the BOD™ Flat Fee Contract. Never undercharge or worry about scope creep again.

About Melissa Morris

As the founder of Agency Authority, a project management and operations consultancy for agency owners, I use my 10 years agency experience to help business owners maximize their team, increase their productivity, and grow their profits. Firmly committed to breaking the ‘long hours and bad pay’ stigma that plagues the agency world, my team and I help business owners and their team members do the work they love without sacrificing client satisfaction, the bottom line, or their own sanity.


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