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Being an interior design professional is hard work and the risks are many. That’s why each one of us needs a contract that protects us and gives us peace of mind. One contract that works, every single time.

During the 1 ½ hour instructional video that accompanies your flat fee contract purchase, Kimberley will explain the rationale behind each line and share real world examples that will boost your project confidence and set the stage for your business success.

Don’t do another flat or fixed fee proposal without this contract!

FORMAT | PDF Download
LENGTH | 6 Pages

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BOD™ Flat Fee Contract was developed by an interior design professional, just like you, and honed over a 25+ year career, working full-time with real clients, real budgets and real staff. It contains a PDF copy of Kimberley’s contract. In addition, it comes with an instructional video explaining the content of the contract.

DISCLAIMER: Business of Design® offers no legal advice and you should meet with a professional lawyer to review any contract or procedure, to ensure you are operating within your local and federal laws.

REFUND POLICY: This contract is considered a digital product and cannot be refunded or exchanged with other contracts for any reason. As a digital project, you gain immediate access to download upon purchase. Any refund requests related to user error (such as not fully reading a product’s description) or simply not wanting the contract anymore do not warrant a refund.


FAQ | Why is the contract only available in PDF?

We are not lawyers and have been advised to only provide the contract in PDF format to ensure our disclaimer is included in the header on every page. You will need to copy and paste the content into a word document and add your own logo before use. It will require some reformatting, but the value is in the content. For easiest formatting, copy and paste one page at a time to exclude the logo, header and footer.