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February 4, 2014

Occasionally, I think the photos I take with my iPhone are pretty good. Once in awhile, they’re even good enough to publish on our blog. However, they are rarely (if ever) suitable for print publications.

Look at the difference between these two images.

Photo #1: taken on the job site with an iPhone.


Photo #2: taken by professional photographer Ted Yarwood. Granted, this is an extreme example of the hobby photo vs. the professional photo but it does make a case for investing in quality photography if you are an interior design professional.

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In my experience, the biggest difference between the seasoned interiors photographer (and yes, you want to hire someone who focuses on interiors!) and everyone else is how the room is lit. Proper lighting will transform your images. However, you’re also paying for expert insight into what editors and publishers are looking for when they select one space over another. I rely on the professional photographers we hire to tell us which angles we should be photographing and which vignettes are worthwhile. They can also provide you with direct access to the editors you’d like to meet.

If you want to improve your brand presence and increase your chances of getting published in print, then hire a professional photographer for your best projects.

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