START STRONG: Live Coaching at SOFA | July 20 featured image

START STRONG: Live Coaching at SOFA | July 20

June 20, 2017

0.1 CEU Credits

SOFA will be hosting Start Strong this summer, a live coaching session with Kimberley!

Go ahead. Ask your questions. Always dynamic and straight-to-the-point, Kimberley answers all and shares her expertise—witty, knowledgeable and honest! Kimberley insists there’s no way to finish a project successfully if you don’t start strong. She’ll share her start up process for all projects. And, those who are familiar with Kimberley will also be able to use this session to solve business challenges and reignite industry commitment. A must-attend session.

This session is for the highly motivated design professional who is worn out from squabbling with clients. Finally, a forum where you can get solid information and professional coaching about dealing with any challenges and hurdles. Are you finished working for free or haggling over fees? Are you done with defending your hourly rate? It’s time to get organized, start each project with precision and move forward on a linear path that leads to success. Take your business to the next level.

Learning Modules:

  1. Perfect your sales technique as it leads to new customers.
  2. Outperform your typical consultation experience.
  3. Learn Kimberley’s own tried-and-true system for organizing billable hours and invoicing your clients.
  4. Q & A: Ask your questions. Harness the power of business coaching. (There will be an opportunity to submit questions prior to the session).
  5. Develop confidence with physical techniques used by the world’s best coaches.

This seminar is suitable for all levels of design professionals.


Registration Closed: This event took place on July 20, 2017.