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March 24, 2014

The time is now. Today.

I hear designers say they’re going to take time to introduce the systems they know they need in their businesses. They’ll finally set some boundaries around work hours, give themselves a well-deserved raise or implement new policies that will help their businesses run more smoothly. The timing? Always tomorrow. As soon as I finish these two kitchens. When this busy period is over. In the summer, when I won’t be as busy. Then, and only then, are they going to do things differently.

In my experience, the only way to make a lasting change in your business is to change how you do business TODAY.

And, when you make a change it may not feel good or feel comfortable right away. Ever started an exercise plan? Ouch! But hang in there, weak business muscles get stronger with use.

I hope you’ll make today count.

Designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, landscapers, architects, friends:

What is it that you would do right now that could fundamentally make your business work better and your life run more smoothly? 

I’d love to hear.



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