EP 142 | Working ON Your Business with Annie Elliott

To run a successful business, it’s vitally important to make time to work ON the systems and protocols that keep ensure projects run efficiently and effectively. DC designer Annie Elliott took this advice to heart and transformed her business—one system at a time.

EP 138 | The Me Factor with Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Back by popular demand, Dr. Ganz Ferrance shares an inventory process from his new book, The Me Factor that will help you spot the signs of burnout before things go too far. He’ll also share his insights on the vicious cycle you can find yourself in by investing too much time in social media.

EP 137 | Make It Magnetic with Valerie Foley

Making your business magnetic is the surest way to attract clients, but it starts as an inside job. As a service industry provider, you are the business, so you have to be positive and enthusiastic for your clients while maintaining a clear and present channel for your own well being.

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