EP 092 | Kimberley’s 10 Best Business Practices – REPEAT

For too long, many of us have acted as if the purpose of our life is to fuel our business, when in fact, it’s just the opposite. Your business should be fuelling your life and funding your lifestyle. No business can do that successfully unless it’s run efficiently and effectively ….

EP 079 | Careergasm with Sarah Vermunt

SARAH VERMUNT | Are you happy in your career? Most of us don’t take time to even ask this important question. The bills have to be paid and we’re so busy already, who has time for reflection? Looking squarely at what you ….

Ready for your Close-up

It may seem like a cushy TV job is guaranteed fame, but these days, that just isn’t the case. Sure, media coverage can boost your profile within the industry and in the eyes of the all-important client, but it’s no shortcut to success. There’s still plenty of hard work ahead. Take Karl Lohnes, you may […]

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