EP 144 | I’ve Got Questions with Marylou Sobel – Part 1

Hourly fees vs. flat fees and how to handle the generalist within.  Award winning Australian designer, Marylou Sobel, was more confused than ever after listening to a specific Business of Design™ Podcast about flat fees. Kimberley answers her questions and provides a better understanding of which fee structure works best.

EP 142 | Working ON Your Business with Annie Elliott

To run a successful business, it’s vitally important to make time to work ON the systems and protocols that keep ensure projects run efficiently and effectively. DC designer Annie Elliott took this advice to heart and transformed her business—one system at a time.

EP 141 | Yes, You Can with Kimberley Seldon

Most of us will do anything to avoid change, even if it means staying stuck or staying miserable.  Sometimes we are so invested in staying the course, even when a situation is lousy, that we’ll dismiss a new idea or concept outright, thus missing the opportunity to make dramatic improvements to the bottom line and to client satisfaction. 

EP 139 | Why I Love Scope Creep with Kimberley Seldon – REPEAT

In this solo podcast, Kimberley shares insights from her journey to reorganize her business and her life—paving the way for Business of Design™. She weaves funny examples from her interior design practice with parallel topics from a BOD™ member-recommended book, Confessions of an Organized Homemaker by Deniece Schofield. Thank you Monica Ashbrook for the great recommendation.

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