EP 187 | Copy That with Margot Austin and Hillary Smyth

Precise and compelling copy that harmonizes with your best images can entertain, inform and delight your audience, but it also needs to establish your authority and brand position. There are specific strategies that will allow you to capture the attention of the clients you want to work with now and in future.

EP 185 | Design Matters with Isabel Gomez

Designers don’t just make spaces nice or pretty or even gorgeous, we create experiences that make spaces matter to the people who use those spaces. Whether it’s a bedroom, or a kitchen, an office, a restaurant, or a garden, the work we do improves and enhances the lives of so many others.

EP 184 | Design It, Build It with David Supple

When we graduate from a design or architect program and start working, it’s pretty likely our education is only just beginning. Architect, design build expert, David Supple says the insecurity we feel in our first jobs is similar to how you might feel as a chef, if you had never cooked, but had to create recipes.

EP 181 | Asked and Answered Part 1 with Kimberley Seldon

Each month, members of Business of Design™ gather to discuss and resolve their most pressing issues. The questions vary from fees to retainers to client and trade management and everything in between. In this episode we open the mic so you can listen in.

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