EP 181 | Asked and Answered Part 1 with Kimberley Seldon

Each month, members of Business of Design™ gather to discuss and resolve their most pressing issues. The questions vary from fees to retainers to client and trade management and everything in between. In this episode we open the mic so you can listen in.

EP 167 | BOD™ Business Alert – April 23, 2020

Rather than wait for business to return to normal, let’s accept that everything has changed and the new normal might even be an improvement. In this episode, Kimberley makes some predictions about opportunities that will be a direct result of the current world crisis.

EP 165 | BOD™ Business Alert – April 16, 2020

Not sure what the next step is? Now is a perfect time to hit pause. Use this time of enforced slow down to reconsider all the aspects of business—those you love and those you like less. It’s also, according to Kimberley, a perfect way to improve your business with no down side.

EP 163 | BOD™ Business Alert – April 9, 2020

Right now, for a limited time only, each one of us has a one-time-get-out-of-jail-free card. Use it to change anything or change everything that’s not working 100%. You will never have a better time to recommit or start fresh.

EP 157 | BOD™ Business Alert – March 18, 2020

Effectively immediately, BOD™ is supplementing its regularly scheduled podcasts with ongoing BOD™ Business Alert podcasts. The BOD™ Business Alerts will focus on narrow topics that are relative to you right now and drop with greater frequency than our weekly BOD™ Podcast programming.

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