Sophisticated Touches

Designer Kimberley Seldon transforms a country house south of Creemore from merely great to downright stunning. Featured in On the Bay Magazine by Judy Ross, photography by Derek Trask. The house settles into the folds of the land at the end of a long, curving driveway. Tall trees surround it, forming a leafy canopy that can […]

Ready for your Close-up

It may seem like a cushy TV job is guaranteed fame, but these days, that just isn’t the case. Sure, media coverage can boost your profile within the industry and in the eyes of the all-important client, but it’s no shortcut to success. There’s still plenty of hard work ahead. Take Karl Lohnes, you may […]

Pitching Publications

With well over 10 years experience in communications for designers (of all types) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pitched a story to a magazine. I can however tell you what I’ve learned from my experience and what I tell people when I get asked this question: How do I get my story/products/designs […]

Conference 2014: Emma Reddington of Chatelaine

As the designer and editor behind The Marion House Book and the recently appointed Home Editor of Chatelaine, Canada’s most widely read magazine, Emma Reddington knows the art of the interior and how to capture style from everyday life to photograph. Magazine readers all over the world have poured over Marion House book features. Join us at Business of […]

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