The Sweet Spot

August 23, 2017

I got a great question through the forum and it’s timely. Diana from Queensland writes: I just love my new procedure for answering the phone. Thank you. I signed up my first two PAID consultations. I think I may have freaked one of the clients out though because I booked the consult for the day after our phone call. She made a comment when I met her that she was surprised I was available so quickly. That got me thinking….is there a perfect amount of time wait before booking a consultation? To be honest, I didn’t have any work so I wanted the job.

Diana, great question and we have the answer for you. In EP 022 Closing the Sale part two Aysun Kuck describes the sweet spot. How much time you should allow before booking the consult. Spoiler alert: it’s at least two weeks and sometimes more. If you’re busy, you’re thinking, or that’s easy. I’m at least that, if not more. If you’re not as busy as you’d like, waiting two weeks seems crazy.

So, I’ll give you a tip. Just between us. It’s ok to book the consult for three weeks away.  Then, after a day, phone the client back and say you’ve had a cancellation and can squeeze her in earlier.  I know. Genius. Good luck with your new procedures Diana. EP 022 Closing the Sale part two is live.

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