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The Humble Pillow

April 24, 2015

12 steps to creating one little pillow


Interior design looks easy? HA!

Ever waited in vain for a repairman to arrive or had difficulty reaching a live customer service rep when something’s broken? A design professional deals with such stresses daily so the client doesn’t have to.  
The work design and decorating professionals do is not only complex it’s fraught with challenges.  Don’t believe me? Check out the steps for producing a pillow. One little pillow.

  1. Select fabric(s) – chenille, velvet, cotton, patterned, plain, red, blue?
  2. Select trim(s) – self-pipe, rope, braid, bullion, tassel, rosette?
  3. Determine size – 18 inches square, 24 x 18-inch rectangle, 16-inch bolster?
  4. Choose filling – 100% down, polyester, polycotton blend, density?
  5. Choose edge detail – knife, box, Turkish, tasselled, beribboned?
  6. Create purchase orders for fabrics, trims, forms and pillow maker.
  7. Order CFAs (cutting for approval) to ensure ordered fabric looks like the sample. Ninety per cent of the time, it’s accurate; however, in approximately 10 per cent of cases, it’s the wrong fabric colour. Why? Because the fabric company had the wrong number written on the sample, or the firm discontinued the fabric, or dye didn’t turn out exactly as planned.
  8. Receive fabrics, trims and forms– check all are accurate.
  9. Send all items and detailed instructions to pillow maker.
  10. Review finished pillows to ensure they’re made to specification.
  11. Ship pillows to client’s home.
  12. Receive pillows on location and present to client for approval.

These are the steps for producing one little pillow. Now, imagine building a new kitchen or decorating the whole house. Are you sure you want to do this as a hobby?

It’s time to own your value. The work you do matters and it deserves appropriate compensation.

When you’re ready, we are here to help rocket you to a new dimension in profitability and client satisfaction.

Thanks for your support. KS