WEBINAR: Steps 12 & 13 – Deficiencies | Nov 22 featured image

WEBINAR: Steps 12 & 13 – Deficiencies | Nov 22

November 20, 2017

Whether you’ve been in business for 10 months or 30 years, we’re glad you’re here. As a community we have the power to build a thriving industry that benefits each and every one of us. However, like the oxygen mask that falls from the overhead compartment in a flight emergency, we have to attend to our own well-being first, before we can assist others (our clients, trades, staff and suppliers).

We want to help you thrive in 2017! We are deconstructing the 15 STEPs you are already familiar with and showing you a step by step approach to implementing them into your business and your life. So many of you feel blocked by challenges that are not unique to you. We want to liberate your talent and skill by showing you how to run a business that supports you, empowers you, and lets you love your work again.

Join us for this webinar series that will walk you through implementing the 15 Steps.

STEPs 12 & 13: Deficiencies

As you arrive at Steps 12 & 13 it’s tempting to start celebrating. After all, the finish line is near and all the “hard stuff” is done. It’s time to pat yourself on the back. Or, is it? It’s all too easy for long term long time client relationships to fall apart at this critical stage because of a nagging or neglected deficiency.

Since deficiencies occur with regularity—you can guarantee every project will have at least a couple—a commitment to resolve them broadcasts your high standards to clients and trades.

Even if you are already familiar with STEPs 12 & 13, we will do a deeper dive to learn behind the scene systems that will transform your business.

Date: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Time: 12:30 – 2:00 pm EST

The recording of this webinar is available in the Courses section for PREMIUM Members.