WEEK #2 Bootcamp – A problem shared is a problem halved featured image

WEEK #2 Bootcamp – A problem shared is a problem halved

July 11, 2016

Last week you identified some of the issues you ran into during the past year of clients. Good for you. It takes courage to look honestly at where we might have done better.

You are not alone. In more than 10 years of coaching, with members in 14 countries, we have yet to hear a unique problem. Let’s identify the issues and start creating solutions.

Your Week #2 Assignment: Share your issues / concerns / desires during a LIVE Coaching Webinar. You can do this anonymously by sending us an email ([email protected]) with your issues prior to the webinar. Or you can share your issues live with the group. It’s up to you. The only wrong way to do this is not to do it!

Next Step: If you have not already signed up for this week’s Live Coaching Webinar (July 13th @ 1pm EST), Click here to register. Then watch your email for your confirmation and instructions on how to attend. We’ll see you there.

Please note that you must be a PREMIUM Member to participate in this Webinar.