WEEK #8 Bootcamp – Share your results and award bonus. featured image

WEEK #8 Bootcamp – Share your results and award bonus.

August 22, 2016

You can’t keep what you don’t give away, so share your insights with others.

Your Week #8 Assignments: Assignment #1 – Post an insight you’ve had this summer to your Face Book page or the Business of design Face Book page. Share your findings with your support group or mentor someone who’s just starting out. You have so much knowledge … give it away.

Assignment #2 – Bonus time. Treat yourself to something meaningful. You’ve committed some time to working ON your business and that is not always easy to do. Perhaps you need a massage or a private coaching session or a vacation? Make a decision right now to treat yourself (as the owner of the company) to a well-earned bonus.

Next Step: Post your insight(s) on social media and make sure to cc @kimberleyseldon & @bizofdesign. Schedule/Deliver the bonus you’ve earned!