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We’re coming to Winnipeg!

June 4, 2014

We know you want to increase profits, yet you’re leaving money on the table with suppliers, clients, trades and retailers. Kimberley is coming to FloForm on June 12th at 7pm to talk More Money, More Profits. 

Come for a Cocktail and SOME SERIOUS LEARNING!
Learning Outcomes:
  1.  What your competition is charging.
  2.  How your current rate impacts a potential customer’s decision to hire you
  3.  Earning income – there’s more to it than billable hours. 
  4.  How to manage trade discounts.
  5.  How to mark up trades and what’s a reasonable percentage to work with.
  6.  Why narrowing your key suppliers is more profitable. 
  7.  How to effectively up-sell and cross-sell (without feeling like an informercial)

RSVP to [email protected] to attend.

This event is closed.