Business of Design™ is the world’s only field-tested, proven, project management system for interior design professionals, like you.

You’ve already invested talent, passion, and commitment in your design career. Maximize your investment with BOD™.

Business of Design™ is for all the hard-working, talented design professionals—interior designers, decorators, architects, stagers, stylists and landscapers. 

Follow our field-tested project management strategies and enjoy increased confidence, improved client retention, greater profitability and a business that thrives. Love your career again.

Don’t do this alone. Join the BOD™ community of peers and experience true support and advocacy like never before. 

BOD™ is Your #1 Trusted Resource for Business Training

Expert Distinction

Be the expert and take the lead on projects; gain confidence and recognition.

Systems & Protocols

Follow written, repeatable systems and enhance client, trade and staff satisfaction.

True Purpose

Build a thriving business, financial independence, industry recognition and a lasting legacy.


Lead with authority and speak confidently about fees, pricing, budgets and timelines.

Project Management Strategy

Use a field-tested method for project management—from consultation to magazine worthy photographs.

Happier Clients

Convert clients into brand ambassadors who refer you to others and return again and again.

Trade Partners

Build and manage an A team of reliable trades, suppliers and manufacturers.

Clarity & Transparency

Communicate and rely on impeccable integrity to eliminate stress for you, your team and your clients.


Create reliable revenue, targeted growth and independent wealth—success beyond your wildest dreams.

“We’ve all faced the same struggles—the project that goes over budget, misreading client expectations, vendors who disappoint us, lackluster fees, the list goes on. I know, believe me. Business of Design™ can replace your daily struggles with successful strategies that work every single time.”

BOD™ will transform your business, and your life.



Earn the respect of clients, trades, suppliers and staff, charge for your value and expertise, create accurate budgets and timelines, and lead with authority. Be the boss you imagined when you first launched your business.



Reliably run projects—from consultation to magazine-worthy photographs. Dramatically improve client retention and satisfaction. Replace chaos, upset and drama, with confidence and clarity.



Do your best work every, single day, by eliminating the daily struggles which drain and deflate. Systems will liberate your talent and unleash your creativity. Love your business again.

I am working less and making more money.

Lori Steeves - Vancouver BC

With the help of my business coach I have started saying “NO” to any potential client or project that doesn’t fit my service offerings or ideal client profile or specific service offerings. It has made a world of difference! I currently love 90% of my clients and projects and most of my frustrations have completely disappeared. I am working less and making more money. A winning combination!

I have clients begging to be added to my waiting list.

Shanaz Razik - Belgium

I read your books in 2013. Since then I have been climbing the ladder resulting in my year 2017 being completely booked up from December 2016! And I have clients begging to be added to my waiting list. Thank you!!

Met vriendelijke groeten

I feel more in control have more confidence.

Crystal Ortiz - Virginia

Kimberley and Business of Design™ completely changed the way I ran my business. I feel more in control of my projects, more confidence in my processes, and upped my fees immediately. Within 2 weeks, I’d signed a client for about 3x what I would have previously charged. I highly recommend investing in yourself through BOD.

We all know design matters.
At Business of Design™ we think designers matter, too.