We all know design matters.
I think designers do, too.

Business of Design is a coaching community for independent interior designers. By becoming a member, you can not only experience the benefits of our design management courses, you can continue to learn and be inspired by our live monthly webinars, connect at our BOD conference events, and share insights from Kimberley’s own practice.

Our Courses – Design a Program that Works for You

15 Step Project Management Strategy

Business and life are so much better with these tried and true systems and protocols in place.

Business Planning, Strategy & Foundation

Create a solid foundation for your business and your confidence, profits and customer satisfaction level will soar.

Charging, Invoicing & Collecting

Learn to talk and manage invoicing with ease.

Client Management

Learn the proven strategies that turn a new customer into a lifelong client.

Design & Decorating

If it’s been a few years since design school you might be ready for these basic refresher courses.

Income, Expenses & Analyzing Finances

Financial protocols are essential for business owners who want peace of mind and projects that run smoothly.

Marketing & Branding

We know you’re awesome. Now spread the word so you can reach your ideal clients.

Supplier & Trade Relations

Develop an A Team so you can guarantee every project finishes on time and on budget.

Systems, Operations & Checklists

Business and life are so much better with these tried and true systems and protocols in place.

How Business of Design will transform your business, and your life.

Become a member and you’ll gain access to over 300 hours of training videos (no theory allowed). In no time you’ll be running the
business you dreamed of owning, instead of having a business that runs you! Our growing network of industry peers gain:

Confidence. Earn the respect of clients and trades while charging what you’re worth, and learn to discuss budgets, estimates and invoices with professional confidence.

Peace of mind. You’ll learn management skills in accounting, finance and information technology that keep your business running smoothly while you work.

Control. Use a design management process that guides client expectations, encourages commitment, and moves every project efficiently to the finish line.

Passion. With a healthy, prosperous business and clients who trust your professionalism, you’ll be free to rediscover why you love what you do.

“If you are looking to streamline your business and make it more efficient and successful without so much stress and anxiety over every project and client then Business of Design is for you. It’s a business and a life changer.”

Brittany Stiles

Costa Mesa, CA

“All those questions you can’t find a good answer for are here, and I’ve even learned solutions for things I didn’t realize could be solved. Great resource, highly recommended! Much thanks to Kimberly and the team!”

Leita Edwards

Vancouver, BC

“Kimberley, you are an inspiration. Business of Design is not only an investment in my company, but more importantly, an investment in myself, something you can’t put a price on. Thank you for helping me see my value!”

Joanne Azelis Giannoulis

Toronto, ON

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