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Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum
The new stylishly designed Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum boasts incredible mobility and maximum suction power minimizing cleaning time and effort. Featuring Samsung’s innovative Motion Sync design, the vacuum uses cambered and hollow wheels to ensure swift and steady transitions between hard surfaces and carpet. Additionally, its Cyclone Force Multi Technology provides powerful, long-lasting suction and separates dust and air so filters last longer.

Product Details: Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum – Canister Model

  • Motion Sync design – based on three principles of swift, stable and smooth motion. The body separates from the wheels which allows for sharp, swift steering.  Large hollow wheels provide stability to prevent tipping and allow for smooth, steady rolling.
  • Cyclone Force Multi Technology – provides powerful, long-lasting suction power. Utilizing 13 cyclones, it is capable of separating dust particles from the air, preventing filters from clogging and keeps consistent suction power.
  • Dust sensor – the power brush tells you when the floor is clean with a dust sensor that lights up green when the job is done.
  • Washable HEPA-H13 Filter – removes dirt and particles, easy to remove and replace.
  • Easy-to-Reach Control – With controls at your fingertips, you can easily and more thoroughly clean more surfaces.

Canadian MRSP Pricing: $599


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