EP 036 | The Side Hustle with Brittany Chinaglia

November 29, 2017

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About this Episode

Brittany Chinaglia has an amazing website and online business known as The Vintage Rug Shop. Listen in to hear how this closet interior design pro is turning her side hustle into a viable business.

In this episode we learn:
– key to success is having your financial processes in order
– hiring a  bookkeeper is a small investment that pays big dividends
– if you are selling online, you need an efficient website
– the path to becoming a High Point blogger


Take Aways

Brittany’s experience at High Point – read the article

Glitter Guide’s feature on Brittany’s home – take the tour

Sites that facilitate online sales:


Brittany’s advice: Don’t listen when people tell you to take a sensible job out of college. Follow your passion and earn a living doing what you love.


Brittany is a California based designer, curator, and blogger with an expertise in vintage rugs and textiles. Brittany’s creative career was launched over a decade ago in jewelry design, which she sold through different retailers throughout California. While climbing the ranks in the corporate world, Brittany decided to return to her creative roots by launching her blog in 2010; a creative outlet and an editorial destination for all things design. Since then, the site has evolved to include a carefully curated vintage rug and textile shop and blooming boutique interior design studio. www.thevintagerugshop.com

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