EP 061 | Stay Busy, Stay Stuck with Lori Pedersen

May 22, 2018

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Making a decision to be excellent isn’t enough. To excel, you must take action to change the day to day issues that aren’t working in your business. Listen in to a series of private coaching calls where the talented and hardworking owner and her team share their experiences with the all-too-familiar bottlenecking that happens at the office.

In this episode we learn:
– implementation is the only way to success
– you run a “proper” firm, the moment you believe that you are
– there are multiple excuses that can keep you stuck
– delegating is harder than it sounds


Design Intervention

If you can’t spontaneously take a day or week off, you’re not quite there yet. When your business is humming along smoothly, you, as the owner, should have the flexibility to take “me time” as it’s needed.

From an equestrian property and log home, to residences of ultra-luxury towers downtown, Lori has had the honour of working with a wide variety of homeowners to take their property to a new level. Whether for “Selling or Dwelling” – the care and attention to detail Lori gives to each assignment is why clients return, and refer the LPHS+S team. Home staging and improvements, renovations, or simply re-styling can dramatically update the look and feel of a space; yet Lori is always keeping in mind re-sale value and return on investment.

Lori is an approved Certified Staging Professional International Mentor, was awarded RESA’s 2016+2017 Top 10 ReDesigner, and is proud to have a team of trusted professionals to tackle any project, large or small.


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