EP 065 | Be Brave with Cecil Adams

June 18, 2018

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Bravery is a job requirement. Surrounding yourself with trades and suppliers who make you look good is part of a successful strategy. It’s also important to be courageous when it comes to presenting that luxury item to your clients. Don’t stop your clients from falling in love with a splurge; show it to them and let them decide.

In this episode we learn:
– use your trade and supplier reps to do more work for you
– navigating tax laws can be challenging but you need to fill out the proper forms or orders may be delayed
– consider paying taxes as you go to save on paperwork
– get the money part out of the way right up front, be clear and concise
– know your worth and get help when it comes to communicating that
– don’t hold clients back from falling in love with something expensive


Design Intervention

Cecil’s advice: Be brave. 


Cecil Adams has worked in the home furnishings industry for well over 20 years, first as a Visual Merchandising Director, and later as VP and Creative Director for Expressions Custom Furniture, then Creative Director for rug manufacturer Trade Am. Upon leaving Trade Am, Cecil ran his own consulting business before coming to work at Currey & Company, where he is now VP and Creative Director. He has been with Currey since 2005.

In that time he has worked on both sides of the design collaboration table with designers including Candice Olson and Bunny Williams, institutions such as the Winterthur Museum and the Smithsonian, and textile fashion house Echo and Aviva Stanoff Designs.

Cecil likes to say he came into home furnishings through the door of visual merchandising and fashion, both areas that he is passionate about. He has developed product in all areas of the home furnishings world, including textiles, lighting, upholstery, and case goods.


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